Are you looking for mud, rocks or trails? We have a  mud hole that’s calling your name. It is about 150 feet long. Sometimes  it will let you through but usually it won’t. I talk to it for a few  days before the event and we come to an understanding of how difficult  it will be for that event.

Then there is "Hell Hole" as everyone calls it. It is a short mud  hole with two steps you have to climb to get out. NO ONE has ever made  it and one truck has even backed out looking like the 5th letter from  the end of the alphabet. It looks so easy though. I even offer $100 to  the first truck that can successfully make it through under its own  power. After each person decides to quit trying or HAS to quit trying,  "Hell Hole" is whispering …"WHO’S NEXT?"

Are you afraid of the brown stuff but prefer losing drive shafts?  Maybe the rock course is for you. There is a designated rock course  about 100 feet long that should give you what you’re looking for. If you  want more rocks, you will find some in the trail courses.

Ahhhhh, so you don’t like the brown or broken drive shafts. You must  be looking for dents. Come try the trails. You might get to the end  thinking, "Those damn trees punched my truck!" The trails range from  easy to very difficult depending on what line you want to take.

We have had everything from 4WD Subarus to brand new Hummers. For  some reason, the Hummers haven’t come back. They weren’t doing as well  as the Toys and Jeeps. If that’s not a challenge…I don’t know what is!  Maybe they can’t afford to pay admission since they spent so much on the  SUV.

Oh my, I’m getting a little carried away! Those who support these  events who own any Four Wheel Drive have a special place to go with me …  Big Boys Playground, LLC.